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Levi Weaver @The Guild Hall

Tuesday, December 9, 7 p.m., $10 for non-Guild Hall members, $3 for Kins and Great Wyrms, $7 for Drakes, Wyverns, and Dragons. All ages.

SAVANNAH'S innovative nerd-topia has been hosting classes, improv, and burlesque shows, and it’s quickly establishing itself as a music venue. The all-ages shows, held in The Forge, one of seven buildings on the campus, aren’t limited to synth Super Mario renditions (which are awesome)—The Guild Hall’s organizers are striving to bring variety to their members and non-members alike. Broadening the scope is folk artist Levi Weaver.

The one-man band draws inspiration all the way from classic American songwriters like Willie Nelson to well-spoken emo like Brand New. He refers to his style as “post-folk,” taking into account the avant-garde and experimental approaches of personal heroes like Radiohead while keeping quality storytelling a priority in his work.

Armed with loop pedals, dual mics, and a violin bow, he’s a wizard onstage, taking the layers created on his two full-length records and translating them live, alone.

2014’s been a wild ride for Weaver: the relentlessly touring father of two took his wife and children on the road with him starting this year, making an RV their new homestead. Released in March, Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me is a lovely, complex treat, with layers of clean guitar tone, warm piano, and collaborations with singer-songwriters Rachael Yamagata and Carina Round.

With lines like “I sing in code so you know you’re not forgotten,” Weaver proves he can turn a phrase and make the most universal emotions completely his own.