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Lolipop Records Adventure Tour @Hang Fire
Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel

Thursday, 10 p.m., $5

Dollhouse Studios—the recording arm of Peter and Blake Mavrogeorgis's Dollhouse Productions venue on the Westside —is currently booked with sessions for Austin band Wild Child, putting together their next full-length album.

So when the husband/wife team was approached by L.A.-based indie label/vinyl shop Lolipop Records to host its Adventure Tour Showcase, they needed a venue. Stat.

Enter Wes Daniel of Hang Fire, always eager to lend a helping hand to fellow music lovers.

That means you get to see a ridiculous multi-band set of West Coast underground music featuring Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel, Froth, Wyatt Blair, and Corners, all touring hard, with the SAV set coming between nights in St. Augustine and Asheville.

And oh yeah, local faves Triathalon will open.

Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel channel Question Mark and the Mysterians with more reverb. Wyatt Blair has a Britpunk attitude with lips curled. Corners is loud garage fun with some real menace. Froth is psych-groove rock with ’60s garage influences.

What we’re saying is it promises to be a long and crazy night of rock ‘n’ roll to kick off the school year, whether you’re a SCAD student or just pretending to be one for the night.

“We were so excited when approached to host the Tour and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. So we reached out to our friends at Hang Fire to house the lineup,” Blake tells us.

“We are supporters of more and more live touring acts coming to Savannah, and knew this would be a great fit for the downtown venue. It’s exciting for us to have the studio booked AND host a live show at the same time.”