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Lyn Avenue gets sophisticated on new single
Husband/wife duo talks upcoming single release

Lyn Avenue @Barrelhouse South

Fri., Feb. 7, 9:30 P.M.

LOCAL husband and wife duo Lyn Avenue has a fascinating story. They first connected through music; they weren’t married or dating at the time, but that (obviously) did eventually happen. It sounds a little like the plot of a romantic movie, but it’s real life for CC Witt and Patrick Ellington.

“I was 14 and Pat was 16, and we met at my parents’ house where we’d have jam sessions and stuff,” Witt tells Connect. “It was about a year later that we started dating.”

The band found their sound gradually, but they did immediately realize that they had something special on a musical level.

“[It was] right away, I think,” Ellington says.

“We started writing together pretty quickly,” Witt adds of those early days, which were roughly 12 or 13 years ago. “We had other little projects back then, but we never really played anywhere. We were just garage band status.”

Having been at it as a band for so long, the couple says they feel great about how far they’ve come.

“It is a great feeling,” Witt says. “We feel like every year that we do this we say, ‘Now we get it.’”

“Every year we try to look back and say, ‘What can we do better this year, and what can we push harder at?’ We’re really big on learning from things that we’ve done wrong or right, so we really try to advance every year,” Ellington adds.

The band’s upcoming single, “Sophisticated,” exemplifies that constant strive for growth. It’s the next step in the duo’s country music evolution. Recorded at Savannah’s Low Watt Recording and produced by Peter Mavrogeorgis, the single is taken from Lyn Avenue’s upcoming EP release. The song feels more live, more spacious, and more layered emotionally than they’ve ever been.

“We essentially sort of rebranded Lyn Avenue with our last EP in 2017. We rebranded as a husband and wife duo, and that was kind of when things changed for us musically and with the whole thing,” Witt says.

“We try to make sure that there’s a baseline consistency with photos, video, music, and everything we do,” Ellington adds.

Witt says she sees maturity in the latest batch of songs, in terms of the writing, arrangements, and production.

“It’s a lot more dynamic,” she says. “There’s some really fun and happy songs, and then there’s some really sad songs.”

They’ll be celebrating “Sophisticated” with a release show at Barrelhouse South on Fri., Feb. 7—the day the song comes out on all major streaming platforms.

One thing Witt and Ellington do incredibly well is something that can often be quite hard—serving the song. Especially in terms of guitar work, it’s not easy to know when to pull back in a studio setting and let the song carry what’s being played.

Ellington and Witt’s approach is one that involves not overthinking what’s being done, and keeping the intention of the music in mind.

“If I’m coming up with guitar parts, I like to go in with a blank slate. It’s fun for me to give myself a day or two and just play to the song. I don’t really come up with a lot ahead of time, and I’m the kind of person that if I don’t get a take in one or two takes, I’m going to just move on,” Ellington says.

“It’s just great watching it all come to life, instrument by instrument,” Witt adds.