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Massive $5 Christmastime Extravaganza @Graveface Records

Saturday, 7 P.M., $5.

THE $5 punk show has quickly become a Graveface staple. It’s a beautifully simple model: typically, it’s a bill with 3+ bands—almost a mini-fest—so you’re really getting your bang for your buck.

Ryan Graveface and crew open up the (limited) floor to make way for legions of kids cramming in the little store to sweat it out.

This time, Washington, D.C.’s Protester and Public Suicide are coming through, along with Massachusetts’ Some Nerve, on their way to FYA Fest in Fern Park, Florida.

Protester and Public Suicide are evidence that D.C.’s historic hardcore scene is alive and well. Due to years of efforts largely helmed by Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi), our nation’s capital fosters young bands in a multitude of all-ages spaces. (Speaking of MacKaye, did y’all know he was keynote speaker for the Association of Moving Image Archivists conference, which took place at the Savannah Hyatt, in October?! That sure flew under the radar.)

Protester churn out timeless D.C. hardcore with early Boston muscle (the city, not “More Than a Feeling”). Their self-titled seven-inch, released this July, boasts seven tracks—raw, throaty vocals, quick and thick guitar changes, pummeling drums and all—each clocking in under two minutes each.

Straight-edge band Public Suicide’s seven-inch kicks off with the spastic fury of “No Pity.” Warmed up with a little anticipatory swing, they throw the listener in head-first after the first 16 or so seconds; while aggressively dark, the progressions beneath the vocals are downright catchy and innately fun.

Some Nerve just dropped their demo in September; “Make Me Numb” features this cool, trilling guitar riff layer that caught my ear and had me playing it again and again. The breathless tumult of each song is carried by a great sense of melody, cut into with beefy guitar and a full-charging kick drum.

Reppin’ for the home team is The Toxic Shock, who just released a demo, Cyclist, via bandcamp. Greta Odrezin leads the charge into frenzied bursts of nasty little punk songs, as her boys, er, ladies, (that’s Daniel Lynch and Josh Sterno of Crazy Bag Lady, sporting bags on their heads) back her up.