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Matrimony @Savannah's Fashion Night

Savannah’s Fashion Night/Live Music

When: 7-11 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 4

Where: Broughton Street

After party: With Dent May and GEMS, at 11 p.m. at Ampersand, 36 MLK

Admission: Free to all events

Drayton Stage

DJ Pata starts at 7pm and will play through retailer runways shows

Dent May- Runway finale #1 9:15 pm

Montgomery Stage

DJ Will Rock starts at 7 p.m., will play through local retailer runway shows

GEMS- runway finale #2 10 pm

VIP TENT: between Whitaker and Barnard)

Matrimony set #1 7:45pm

Matrimony set #2 8:45pm


The Civil Wars swapping spit with U2! The Mumford Brothers and Sister! This band has a great, full-hearted, undeniably alluring sound, and they are going to be big.

Native Irishman Jimmy Brown and his wife, North Carolina’s Ashlee Hardee Brown, put the “married” in Matrimony. Brown writes and sings big, passionate rock ‘n’ roll songs with kicky hooks, and for that reason – along with Ashlee’s lead vocal, harmonic and synth/key contributions, and a really cool banjo – Matrimony is currently one of the most popular bands in the Charlotte area. Her brothers, C J and Jordan Hardee, play drums and second guitar, respectively (there’s a bass player bud who goes out on the road with this otherwise family affair). The couple like to joke that their band is “like a hillbilly Fleetwood Mac.” Recommended track: “Obey Your Guns” (check out the video on YouTube).