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Megan Jean & the KFB @Barrelhouse South

Sunday, March 15, 10 p.m., free

IF you need a break from all the green, seek refuge in Barrelhouse South—The Devil Herself will be raining down upon the legions, shakin' the beads off unsuspecting tourists with her voice and sending tremors through downtown with each strike of the washboard.

If you’ve never seen Megan Jean and husband Byrne Klay, make sure you do so. The former Charlestonians are pretty frequent Savannah visitors—they’ve recently forgone root-planting entirely, instead converting a rad Mercedes van into an adorable bungalow on wheels.

The family band has also set to work on a new record, Tarantistas, coming out fall 2015.

“A tarantist, according to 16th century Italy, is a person inflicted with a dance mania believed to be caused by a spider bite,” Jean explains. “They’ve just got to dance the pain away. We’ve been playing the material at all our live shows for the past year and we’re so excited to get them recorded. We really believe this is some of our best material.”

The road warriors sound better every time they come through, mixing gypsy influences with Americana, punk, metal, gospel and old-time.

“We’re not the same band we were a year ago, and we won’t be the same band we are right now next week,” says Jean.