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Moodie Black, Chief and the Doomsday Device, Skippy Spiral @Skinny

SKINNY GALLERY has moved to 905 Abercorn Street, and they’re celebrating with a musical show of unusual and inventive artists.

Noise-rap pioneers Moodie Black got their start in Arizona in 2004. It’s an aggressive and risk-taking sound, the kind of avant-garde stuff that doesn’t care if you don’t like it and highlights bare lyrics that explore the personal as political, queerness, and trans identity. Alongside fellow moody noise-rappers like Death Grips (who recently remixed a Moodie Black song) and Dalek, the band continues to challenge style and create hard-edged yet melodic sonic portraits influenced by Spacemen 3 and N.W.A. equally. They’re currently touring in support of an upcoming album, Lucas Acid, coming in early 2017 via Fake Four, Inc.

Austin, Texas’s Chief and The Doomsday Device, an MC, DJ, producer, and artist, blends poetic and journalistic lyricism to create innovative hip-hop living outside the norm.

Skippy Spiral represents Savannah on the bill with his synth and drum machine-powered sounds.

Sunday, October 2, 6 p.m., $5 donation, all-ages