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Natalie Prass @Hang Fire

Wednesday, March 25, 9 p.m., $8

WINTER/SPRING'S 'IT' GIRL is undoubtedly folk songstress Natalie Prass. Jenny Lewis fans may have seen her rocking in Lewis’ touring band on keyboards; the up-and-comer just released her first solo album, and Stopover, as always, is ahead of the curve, bringing Prass to town so we can see her on the brink of superstardom.

While I was listening to Prass’ self-titled debut with a friend, we decided something about it made us want to go buy a free-range chicken, grab some fresh organic veggies from Whole Foods, dream up a unique signature cocktail, put Prass’ record on the turntable, and host a proper dinner party for friends.

There’s a refined maturity to it in that way (it really is a perfect record for us aging hipsters), a restraint in her voice that’s incredibly delicate but makes your ears prick up to hear every word, like Prass is whispering something really wonderful to you in a loud bar and you don’t want to miss it. With lush orchestration and R&B beats and textures, it’s a rich and gently perky spring soundtrack.

You are, guaranteed, never going to see Prass in a venue as small as Hang Fire again, by the way; she’s almost too big for the little bar in this very moment.

Buy your tickets ahead of time (they’re super-cheap) and catch her now.