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NYE: Zach Deputy @Barrelhouse South

9 P.M. New Year's Eve, $25 advance via, $40 at the door, if still available. $75 VIP ticket includes open bar and re-entry.

ZACH DEPUTY is a man of fusion. Growing up in South Carolina, he was influenced by the sounds of his Puerto Rican, Cruzan and Irish heritage; now, he’s a hard-touring one-man band, crafting tunes live with the help of loop pedals, and delivering a unique hybrid sound that defies genre (he coined it “island-infused, drum ‘n’ bass, gospel-ninja-soul”—do with that what you will).

You’ll note Calypso beats, summery, up-tempo riffs with the undeniable influence of classic soul driving the whole thing. Deputy has a freakish vocal range, capable of seamlessly navigating between a laid-back, Jack Johnson-like chatty-casual croon, Michael Jackson scoops and falsettos, and rich Al Green-influenced belting. With his range of styles, his super-fun live show truly offers something for everyone.

It sure helps that Deputy, a Bluffton, SC native, has this infectious charisma about him, crowned by a huge smile that beckons even the most stubborn wallflowers to get out on the floor.

Keep in mind that Barrelhouse South is mixing it up for this show—it’s limited to 150 people (certainly preferable to being caught in an unenjoyable crush)—so snag tickets online beforehand.

Count on Deputy to show off his jam band influences at the New Year’s show; he’s the only act on the bill for the evening, performing for—wait for it—five hours.