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Omingnome @Ampersand

The evolution of Omingnome, in slightly less than two years, has been kind of amazing. The brand-new Dance of the Enchanted Fetus EP is a psychedelia-rooted rock ‘n’ roll adventure, full of dynamic peaks and valleys and inspired musical left turns (jazzy and even proggy). Melissa Hagerty’s vocals have taken on a totally unexpected maturity, and the space-age spookiness of her theremin playing has never been better explored.

Add to this brutal and stinging electric guitar leads from Tyler Cutitta, and rhythm from Tony Bavaro (bass) and Eric Braun (drums) and you have a delightfully inscrutable, strange and ultimately fascinating set of rambling rock songs. Enchanted Fetus is the aural equivalent of a Tolkein fantasy: You might not know what the hell is going on, and every once in a while it gets uncomfortably twee, but all you really have to do is just enjoy the ride.

There’s an adventurousness to his new recording that indicates some real, strong creative thought going on. It’s so much more than Magnetic Zeros-type hippie sloganeering.

This Ampersand show is to bring attention to Omingnome’s Kickstarter project; they’re trying to raise funds for a tour coach that runs on used vegetable oil. Again Crazy Bag Lady and Wet Socks will open. At 8:30 p.m. Saturday, July 19.