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Omingnome, XuluProphet @Barrelhouse South

Friday, February 6, 9 p.m.

WELCOME home, gnomes!

Since we checked in with the band in December, Omingnome’s tour was marred by a couple blowouts and a blown transmission. The uber-positive band didn’t let it get them down though—always gracious and ready to roll with the punches, they’ve made their way back to the East Coast, and it’s time to give them a big, Hostess City welcome back.

They’ll have Simon Ross of Planetary Projections with them, manipulating liquid over a light source to make psychedelically delicious backdrops for the band (Ross and his gear went along on the cross-country journey with Omingnome, making immersive experiences at each tour stop).

Buds XuluProphet join the bill. Xulu Guitarslinger’s introspective lyrics get a new kind of groove when he’s surrounded by a full band; you’ll often find the band rocking the Barrelhouse South stage with a rapt, toe-tapping audience.