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Orlando alternative rockers A Brilliant Lie return to Savannah
The multi-EP release format has been a unique and refreshing challenge for the band

Coastal Rock Productions presents: A Brilliant Lie, Pseudo Future, Whaleboat

When: Tuesday, August 9, 9 p.m.

Where: El-Rocko Lounge

Cost: Free, 21+

A BRILLIANT LIE has been busy at the loom.

Since adding a fifth member to complete their tightly-wound alt-rock sound, the hardworking Orlando-based band began releasing a string (pun intended?) of themed EPs. Inspired by The Three Fates, mythological goddesses who dictate human destinies, the Threads series has allowed the band to explore their capabilities as five songwriters with a variety of tools at hand.

“When we expanded into a five-piece, I think a lot of agreed that’s when things started taking shape for us,” vocalist/guitarist Tara Lightfoot explains. “It allowed us more freedom, because we could have one guy playing guitar, or three guitars, or keyboard. That’s when we started touring heavily, too. We’ve been around for six years, but it’s great to grow into our goals a little bit better.”

Never a band to play quite by the rules, A Brilliant Lie decided to mix up the canon order of the Fates to fit with their growth as a band.

“Usually, you have the Spinner, Weaver, and Cutter, all representing phases of life,” explains Lightfoot. “We decided to start with Cutter on the first EP. That was our coming-out party: this is the new ABL, we’re a five-piece now, we have a new sound, and we’re ready to hit the road. This is really, ‘Cut the past, we’re moving forward into something we hope is going to be really amazing.’”

Released five years into the band’s career, Cutter shows off the band’s chemistry and dynamics from the get-go. Lightfoot pushes her voice to new heights with anthemic choruses and hooky melodies; bass and guitar duel, build, and reel in to let Lightfoot stand front and center. It’s a buckle-up, hold-your-breath thrill ride.

“Now, we’re down to the Spinner portion,” Lightfoot reveals.

She wouldn’t so much call the series a “concept”—the band’s constantly writing, selecting four or five songs from a pile, with many tunes lyrically riffing on the Fates.

“It’s more so that we’re always enthralled with the idea of what it is to be human and all the things that tie us into each other, whether we know it or not,” she explains.

It’s not difficult to see 2016 A Brilliant Lie in the band’s 2011 debut Regarding Harry Lime, but it’s certainly a different sound—sparser, riffier, a little glossier. Threads is radio-ready in its production and catchy melodies, and it hits hard: it’s music to keep you sweating on your morning run, to blast before the big game. Though their approach may have changed with members and shifting musical taste, there are a few constants in A Brilliant Lie’s songwriting and discography.

“Honesty has always been a big one,” Lightfoot shares. “I think that for me and for a few of the guys, this particular EP we’re releasing on August 12 is one of the more honest and raw EPs we’ve done in a really long time outside of our first one. And your first EP, you throw out whatever you can come up with. So this is probably the most refined and most honest version, and I think that’s it’s high-energy, I’d hope that it’s relatable. At the end of the day, we try to throw some quirkiness in there, too.”

The multi-EP release format has been a unique and refreshing challenge for the band.

“We are writing more songs and narrowing it down,” she explains. “That way, you feel like you have a lot more to choose from instead of the pressure to write 12 songs that are really good. There are a few pressures: one, we’re in a singles kind of world. People expect the next thing two weeks after you release something, so it’s a bit of pressure in that sense, but you also have to really go with that all-killer, no-filler mentality. You have to take a deep breath and make a decision, hold onto your hat, and hope it works out.”

Lightfoot and company look forward to returning to Savannah and are particularly excited to play with the newly-reformed Whaleboat once again. The two groups shared the stage in 2012 at Screamin’ Mimis’ now-defunct Whitaker Street location.

“They were one of those bands that really wowed me,” remembers Lightfoot, who, in her time with A Brilliant Lie, has shared bills with the likes of Passion Pit, Minus the Bear, Coheed & Cambria, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and more. “We get to play with lots of different kinds of musicians and bands, and they stood out very much.”

It’s also a return to a Coastal Rock Productions bill, and they’re proud to collaborate with the organization once more.

“Coastal Rock always does right by us,” Lightfoot affirms. “And Savannah’s always really great to us. We’re looking forward to being back.”