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PerkinsWood @Sentient Bean

Saturday, 8 p.m. Donations.

PerkinsWood @Sentient Bean

Longtime ATL duo and scene veterans Ann Wood and Jeff Perkins play psychedelic guitars—think Dick Dale meets Velvet Underground. The special bit about this particular gig at the Bean is they will accompany the simultaneous screening of a "moving canvas" art film by Jason Hoelscher and other local artists.

“We picked Savannah for our return to live performance because of the haunted quality in our music and the current resurgence of psychedelic music here,” Jeff tells us. “Since our music is instrumental and we do film scoring it’s a natural progression to explore the multi-media aspect as a part of our live performance. Our idea involves the slow exploration of large art pieces to find the various imagery buried within. Each chapter will conclude with a reveal of the complete piece. It all should be amazing to watch live.”