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Prince Party @Seed Eco Lounge

Monday, 7 p.m.

Savannah-based DJ and impresario Ben Umbreit may just be the world's biggest Prince enthusiast. As the first face you see in the Kickstarter trailer for fan documentary The Purple Circle, he is certainly poised to be.

And it’s not just an impressive vinyl or bobblehead collection that makes him a worthy contender--Umbreit makes Prince-loving a communal experience, hosting Prince Parties complete with dancing, impersonators, costume contests, a pancake bar (!), and cuts from his personal collection of more than 2,100 Prince and Prince-related recordings. Savannahians looking for a funky time can hit Seed Eco Lounge for Umbreit’s fifth Prince Party. Whether you’re a fanatic ready to rent a little red Corvette for the evening (which, uh, you definitely should) or just an ‘80s baby, Umbreit guarantees a good time.

“On the surface,” Umbreit says, “Prince parties are fun because people are usually inspired to dress up. He’s also very associated with the ‘80s, which is a very beloved decade. The event also ends up being sort of a tribute to that era. Prince also has an extremely diverse fan base, and the party can be a fun gathering of people from all backgrounds.”

It may be a weeknight, but glitter is proven to cure any case of the Mondays--and your co-workers could use a good, wild story on Tuesday morning.