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Psychomagic, Santoros @Ampersand
Psychomagic, Santoros, and Mister Tang in a tour pic from the road.

LOLIPOP Records artists are becoming regulars here in Savannah; Dollhouse Productions brought their label showcase to Hang Fire in early fall, a showcase is planned for Savannah Stopover, and artists are touring through on their own. Lucky us—Lolipop is curating some of the most contagious, fun throwback rock and pop out there right now.

Psychomagic features vocals thrown ‘round like Jerry Lee Lewis paired with guitar grooves straight out of the mid-‘60s and soaked with enough reverb to fill your go-cup to the brim. They released their debut cassette on Lolipop this year.

Santoros, seven musicians strong, is jangly, fuzzy, and downright groovy psych-garage rock. Their cassette Animals has a busty, well-coiffed cat cutting the rug with an Elvis impersonator dog—what else do you need to know, really?

Our resident hook-driven punk pros Crazy Bag Lady will rep Savannah on the bill; we’re counting down the days ‘til that Retro Futurist debut of theirs drops.

Saturday, $5.