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Radar Vs Wolf, Sins of Godless Men, Anyone’s Ghost @The Jinx

Friday, January 23. 10 p.m. $6.

NASHVILLE'S Radar Vs Wolf are just one of many Music City acts proving that it ain’t all about the country. 2013’s self-titled LP, a pop album at heart anchored by hard-driving, indie-rock hooks, brings to mind the lyricism and versatile composing of Brand New—a stripped-down and soulful acoustic guitar here, a thick, full-speed-ahead bassline there. Opener “Let It Burn” cues up as a deceptively dark and jaunty acoustic chant-along song, raised on the We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank side of the Modest Mouse tracks. But in its dead center, the song completely unfurls, guitarists James Bratton and Tomás Gorrio cranking their amps to rip against wide-gaited, splashy drums.

Those hard edges tucked among the 11 tracks will pair perfectly with locals Sins of Godless Men. It’s been awhile since we heard from Savannah’s Anyone’s Ghost, though members Shane Litts and Joshua Lindsay have been keeping busy with Sins of Godless Men’s Greg Rettig, playing classic surf rock in The Wave Slaves. Get there early to see what the ghoulish five-piece has been up to.