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Rock 'N Roll Marathon: A guide to the bands on the course
Hip Hop's KidSyc @ Brandywine will kick it at Daffin Park

After 26 miles and change, those who've just finished up Saturday's Rock 'N Roll Marathon will doubtless be ready for a celebratory sit-down in Forsyth Park, wherre Carolina Liar and Savannah's own Train Wrecks will be cranking the big finale tunes.

Of course, there'll be music at strategic points all along the marathon route. Before the Forsyth finish line, here are the bands, groups and artists those dedicated runners will encounter.

Mile 1.2 W. Bay Street at Lathrop: Spike Ivory Band

Mile  1.9 North side of W. Bay Street at Jenks Street turn: Anyone's Ghost

Mile  3 Louisville at Lathrop: Stepchain

Mile  4.3 Louisville at Telfair: All Walks of Life (AWOL) Youth Program

Mile  5.5 2425 W. Gwinnett: Ziv

Mile  6.6 W. Gwinnett past Stiles in grass field: Leeward Fate/The Jeff Beasley Band

Mile 7.6 Montgomery & Gaston: Free Candy/Rock-A-Licious

Mile 8.8 Price St. & Gwinnett St.: Girlfriends/Sincerely, Iris

Mile 9.8 East Henry St. & Waters: Crazy Man Crazy/Listen 2 Three

Mile 10.7/11.7 Pierpoint & Atkinson: Sterling Waite & The Cotton Avenue Hustlers/The Groovetones

Mile 12.5 NB Truman Parkway between turnaround and Victory Avenue Offramp: The Consumers/A Nickel Bag of Funk

Mile 13.8 Dafffin Park Drive at Baseball Stadium: KidSyc@Brandywine/The Langaloids

Mile 14.9 Washington Ave & Bee: The Big Money Band/Rocco Blu

Mile 15.8 57th Street & Ward on left shoulder: Five Dollar Shake/Travis Posey Trio

Mile 16.3 LaRoche Rd at Skidaway: Savannah State Marching Band

Mile 17.2 Laroche & Jasmine: Burning Mansions/Outta Your Element

Mile 18.6 Nottingham Drive at Howard Foss Drive: Domino Effect/The Deadfields

Mile 19.5 Skidaway at Countryside Drive: The City of Savannah Band/The Looters

Mile 20.1 Skidaway at Bona Bella Avenue Lyn Avenue: Kick The Robot

Mile 21.2 Derenne Avenue at Woodland: The Jimmy Wolling Band/Junkyard Angel

Mile 22.7 SB Truman Parkway at Delesseps offramp: General Oglethorpe & the Panhandlers/Lorenzo

Mile 24 SB Truman Parkway at Anderson on ramp: Derogatory/20 Mark Helga

Mile 24.7/11.5 E. Anderson Street at Verand Apartments: Mass Media/Lullwater

Mile 25.2/12.1 E. Anderson at Paulsen Street: Fill in the Blank/Daniel Johnson Band/Kalibur