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Samhain Full Moon Ceremony with Faery Teeth, Eliza Rickman, and Dame Darcy @The Jinx
Eliza Rickman

Thursday, 10:13 p.m.

A HOLIDAY hailed by Pagans and Wiccans worldwide, Samhain celebrates autumn’s harvest and the winter to come. Under a full moon, The Jinx will illuminate with three experimental songstresses.

Savannah’s own Dame Darcy, the pen-and-ink wielder responsible for the wonderfully whimsical comic Meat Cake, is also an accomplished banjo player. She has released seven albums of sea shanties, ballads, Celtic tales, pirate tunes, and more.

California’s Eliza Rickman, pictured above, crafts gorgeous, up-tempo tunes on autoharp and toy piano; her warm, crystal-clear voice wavers in and out of exquisite, dreamy little poems, making a beautifully unusual kind of folk-flushed baroque chamber pop.

Faeryteeth is comprised of Savannah’s Tara Walters and Lydia Schneider. An expert at crafting strange love songs in the vein of freak-folk and lo-fi experimental pop, Walters often loops her lilting warble, evocative of Joanna Newsom, when performing live to create immersive, surreal layers of trance-like harmonies.