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Savannah release radar!
Hot summer albums from the 912

Power Struggle, Power Struggle

Available now via

Southern roots and Americana get new life with Power Struggle, a Savannah band with seasoned players from Superhorse, The Judge and the Jury, and beyond. Formed by Bailey Davidson (drums, guitar, vocals), Mikey Solomon (guitar), and Jason Anderson (piano, organ, bass, vocals), the band formed in 2016 when Davidson, primarily a drummer, suffered a foot injury and picked up guitar.

The album features contributions from founding Drive-By Truckers member John Neff and Velvet Caravan’s Eric Dunn. The self-titled record was recorded, mixed and mastered by Savannah’s own Chris Evans.

'Attack of the Dad Band’ EP, Jeff Two-Names and the Born Agains

Available now via

Savannah four-piece Jeff Two-Names and the Born Agains has been dishing out classic, self-aggrandizing pop-punk for years now, injecting their power chord-laden anthems with plenty of hilarity. The band, originally comprising four dads, has previously released three EPs, and the fourth one, ‘Attack of the Dad Band,’ declares: “Even math can’t explain this band, and you won’t believe your ears.”

With Ramones-style chronicles of everyday dad observations, like a daughter’s tonsillectomy, and relatable decrees like “I’m Done with My Brain,” ‘Attack of the Dad Band’ is classic Jeff Two-Names silliness and catchiness.

Daylight Spending Time, Star Period Star

Available now via

This spring release from Star Period Star deserves to be spun into summertime. The band’s debut LP, released on smoked vinyl, features unusual guitar tunings the band calls “wobbletones.” With guitar strings tuned so low that they create microtonal chords and bend and wobble, the band makes moody layers of unease and unexpected prog meanderings on their fourth album. Currently, Star Period Star features Sinister Moustache’s Pat Hamilton and Greg Stark, Dan Sweigert, and Hotplate’s Patrick Hussey.

Pick up the Ultimate Edition of the record to receive a bonus CD and goodies.

'Spawn of All Pain Taken,’ Vatican

Available now via

Savannah-based straightedge band Vatican returned with a new EP on the cusp of summer. As furious as ever with unpredictable riffs, machine gun drums and splintering vocals, Jonathan Mackey, Nolan Mobley, Tom Lovejoy, Johnathan Whittle, and Josian Soto-Ramos are at their best on “Xero Line Crisis” and “Failing Genesis.” ‘Spawn of All Pain Taken’ is available on Sorrow Carrier Records.

The Spark, Josephine Johnson

Release date: July 28

Updates via

Savannah-based singer-songwriter Josephine Johnson can be found in any number of local venues strumming a guitar or ukulele and singing country-tinged melodies. The Indiana native teamed up with the renowned John Vanderslice and arranger/keys player Rob Shelton at Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco to create The Spark. The result is an LP inspired equally by Maxine Waters, Wonder Woman, and her own life experiences. In addition to her usual four or six strings and radiant vocals, Johnson creates lush layers with horns, lap steel, keys, and more.

T.C.B.T., Black Tusk

Release date: August 17

Preorder via

In peak summer heat, Savannah swamp metal powerhouse Black Tusk will release its latest album. Throaty and blistering, the four-piece is in classic form on its latest LP. The band shared the single “Agali” on May 23 via Decibel magazine. In the premiere, the band explained that the song is inspired by a word that Damad and Lies in Stone’s Victoria Scalisi taught them, meaning “to return.” “Agali” is dedicated to the memories of Scalisi and Jake Trout, close friends and inspirations to the band.

Black Tusk’s new label, Season of Mist, is offering a variety of release formats for preorder. Pick up T.C.B.T. on vinyl, CD, cassette, or bundled with t-shirts and other good stuff, via the label’s American webstore.

Solid Gold, Lulu The Giant

Release date: Late July-August

Updates via

Savannah three-piece Lulu The Giant, led by singer-songwriter Rachael Shaner, will release its second album this summer. With upright bass, guitar, drums, and inimitable chemistry, Savannahians can’t wait to hear the band’s sophomore act.

Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts/Hauntings/The Unexplained Original Broadcast Soundtrack

Available June 22

Preorder via

Savannah-based Graveface Records offers horror film soundtracks and other cinematic oddities on its imprint Terror Vision Records. The imprint’s most popular release isn’t even technically available yet, but the preorder numbers are astronomical. Unsolved Mysteries was a beloved documentary-style show profiling real-life mysteries about missing persons cases, unsolved crimes, conspiracy theories, and plenty of paranormal phenomena.

Ryan Graveface has teamed up with show creator Jon Cosgrove for a curated selection of songs from ghost-related segments. Graveface listened to hundreds of tapes from the show’s music to create the releases. Pre-order a single LP version, with Graveface’s personal favorite songs, or a triple LP for the motherload of every single song written for the ghost segments. It’s the first time the score has been available on any format.