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Savannah Stopover adds more bands
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And the list just keeps on growing.

Just announced bands and artists for the Savannah Stopover Festival (March 9-12) include Young Buffalo, Sonia Leigh, Secret Mountains, Lands and Peoples, Sanders Bohlke, Loch Lomond. Cheyenne Marie Mize, Nive Nielson and the Deer Children, Oryx and Cake, Mermaids, Abby Gogo, Grand Prize Winners From Last Year, The Shaniqua Brown, The Heaven's Jail Band, Dreamend, General Oglethorpe & The Panhandlers, Brian McGee, Baby Jazz, Dope Sandwich, and Kid Syc & Brandywine.

This brings the bringing the total number of confirmed acts to 50, and the total number of scheduled performances to 65. The festival will take place at a half-dozen or so local clubs; a full schedule is expected shortly.

See, and watch for updates.