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Shana Falana, Wet Socks, Blackrune, Grimsel @Dollhouse Productions

Saturday, May 16, 6 p.m.

WITH GRAVEFACE not currently being able to host shows, good ol’ Dollhouse has stepped up to host this eclectic evening of psych variations. We’ve got swirling guitars, mind-altering compositions, dreamy vocals, head-spinning grit—think of it as a sumptuous feast of psychedelic music.

Shana Falana crafts flutteringly fierce songs, flush with brassy overtones, blankets of thick guitars, all under the command of her transfixing voice. Her latest single, “Go,” is a full-force rock song, threaded with shoegaze and ‘60s psych: think Grace Slick with a new kind of clarity and unfettered abandon. Her debut LP, Set Your Lighting Fire Free, released April 7, is the documentation of an artist’s separate worlds colliding. Falana, who wrote and performed all lead guitar parts on the LP for the first time, often juggled multiple and vastly different-sounding bands at once. Here, they intersect: gauze versus heft, incandescent, ferocious at times, and altogether entrancing.

Local psych overlords Blackrune, dreamy, scuzzy two-piece Grimsel, and garage sweethearts Wet Socks join.