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Shooter Jennings, The Courtenay Brothers Band @Coach’s Corner

HAVING grown up in a crib on dad Waylon Jennings’ tour bus, country music is in Shooter Jennings’ blood. As his father trekked across the country, young Shooter was surrounded by particularly fabulous family friends—Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Willie Nelson among them. Picking up drumsticks at just five years old, the multi-instrumentalist (accomplished in guitar, piano, and banjo, for starters) has gone on to create a legacy of his own.

Though he pursued rock ‘n’ roll in Los Angeles, playing piano and singing in band Stargunn and almost fronting super group Velvet Revolver, Shooter began a career in country music around 2004. He pours out a classic sound with his own twist, inflected with outlaw swagger, Southern Rock magnitude and psychedelic shades.

With big, memorable choruses, stadium rock guitars, and Jennings’ pleasing roughed-up ease timbre, you gotta love it all, from his all-American singalongs (“Fourth of July”) to the sharp-tongued, incisive criticism of the state of pop country (“Outlaw You”). Backed by his father’s original recording and touring band, you really can’t go wrong on Saturday in the Sound Garden.

Saturday, October 24, 6 p.m., $25, all-ages