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Sins of Godless Men @The Jinx
with Dead Hands, Canopy, Jeff Two-Names and the Born Agains

Friday, 10 p.m.

Greg Rettig and Jeremiah Stuard moved to Savannah in 2008 having sworn off music.

“We actually decided we’d try to be adults for a minute,” Rettig explains of their southern migration.

The Indianapolis pair had been active in hardcore and metal bands for so long, they planned to treat the move as a new start.

“Yeah...that didn’t happen,” laughs Rettig.

Just two months after transplanting from Indianapolis, he, a guitarist, and Stuard, a bassist, were back to playing metal in their shared house. Where supposed “adulthood” was delayed, a new band, Sins of Godless Men, was born.

The Sins sound is directly informed by Rettig and Stuard’s roots—Rettig’s fingers dance all over the fretboard, and he and Stuard deliver a furious and delightfully raucous performance. The riffs are tight, the low end heavy.

The latest single, “Knot and Rope,” is truly a summery pop song, but there’s still something dangerous about it, making it fit right into their explosive back catalog. Free drop cards will be available at the Jinx show, and the single will appear on a new EP, It Is Hard to Improve on Silence, due in winter 2015.

Rettig and Stuard have seen Sins through many changes, including name (they used to go by Howler) and lineup. At The Jinx, attendees will witness the next step in Sins’s evolution as current drummer Donald Moats, halfway through the set, will hand off the sticks to new drummer John Edwards (Coastlines, Without).

Moats’s parting is amicable, and Rettig looks forward to working with longtime scene fixture Edwards.

“He’s an incredible player and a hardworking individual,” attests Rettig.

Rettig, who manages New Noise Studios, gigs with multiple bands, and juggles day jobs, is one to talk. “I’d rather practice than sleep,” he shrugs with a smile.