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Still War, The Anxiety Junkies, Trophy Wives @Graveface

Saturday 1/10, 6:30 p.m.

ANOTHER slammin’ punk show at the record shop. Touring band Still War are a grungy two-piece hail from Carbondale, Illinois, built on tense, gritty riffs and big, brutal texture.

If you haven’t caught The Anxiety Junkies yet, go get some sweat on your melodic punk – they’ll be playing some new songs after returning from winter break.

“Did I hit you too hard?” Trophy Wives vocalist Madison Davis asks with a snarl on their demo opener, “Skort.” Sure seems so – the scuzzy and scrappy four-piece may have just had a couple shows since their November debut, but they’ve got folks hooked since uploading their demo to Bandcamp. They kick off the show at 6:30 sharp.