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Wednesday, March 9

DeSoto Row: 7 p.m., Sonia Leigh; 8 p.m., Young Buffalo

The Jinx: 10 p.m., KidSyc & Brandywine; 11 p.m., Das Racist

Thursday, March 10

Pei Ling: 8 p.m., Sanders Bohlke; 9 p.m., Winter Sounds

Civvies: 8 p.m., Brian McGee; 9 p.m., General Oglethorpe & the Panhandlers

The Jinx: 10 p.m., Cheyenne Marie Mize; 11 p.m., Country Mice; midnight: Gringo Star

Wormhole: 10 p.m., Dreamend; 11 p.m., Sims; midnight, Astronautalis

Live Wire: 10 p.m., Sunglasses; 11 p.m., MillionYoung; midnight: Class Actress

Hang Fire: 10 p.m., We Are Trees; 11 p.m., Grand Prize Winners From Last Year; midnight, Wes Batts

Tantra: 11 p.m., Dope Sandwich; midnight, J-Live

Friday, March 11

Hang Fire: 3:30 p.m., Ancient Warfare; 4:15 p.m., Niche; 5 p.m., Convict Fiction; 5:45 p.m., Baby Jazz; 10 p.m., Amen Dunes; 11 p.m., Aux Arc; midnight, Prince Rama

Live Wire: 2 p.m., Free Candy; 3 p.m., Squanto and the Swamp Rats; 4 p.m., Howler; 5 p.m., Word of Mouth; 9 p.m., Little Tybee; 10 p.m., Mermaids; 11 p.m., Abby Gogo; midnight, Milagres

Pei Ling: 8 p.m., Loch Lomond; 9 p.m., We Are Trees

Civvies: 8 p.m., Lady Lazarus; 9 p.m., Oryx & Crake

The Jinx: 10 p.m., The Shaniqua Brown; 11 p.m., Reptar; midnight: Cusses

Wormhole: 10 p.m., Nive Nielsen & the Deer Children; 11 p.m., Slow Animal; midnight: Country Mice

Sentient Bean: 8 p.m., Winter Sounds; 9 p.m., The Drenched Earth Tour

Saturday, March 12

Hang Fire: 3:30 p.m., Electric Park; 4:15 p.m., Slave Grave; 5 p.m., Dead Yet?; 5:45 p.m., Sunglasses; 10 p.m., Cusses; 11 p.m., Oberhofer; midnight, Twin Tigers

Live Wire: 2 p.m., Brit Scott; 2:45 p.m., Magic Places; 3:30 p.m., Habitat Noise; 4:15 p.m., Fur Elise; 5 p.m., Aux Arc; 10 p.m., Dreamend; 11 p.m., Slow Animal; midnight, X-Ray Eyeballs

Blowin' Smoke BBQ: 4 p.m., Country Mice

Pei Ling: 8 p.m., Heaven's Jail; 9 p.m., Little Gold

Civvies: 8 p.m., Dare Dukes; 9 p.m., Jon Lindsay

Sentient Bean: 8 p.m., Sanders Bohlke; 9 p.m., Loch Lomond

The Jinx: 10 p.m., Buried Beds; 11 p.m., Fake Problems; midnight, Murder By Death

Wormhole: 10 p.m., Lands & Peoples; 11 p.m., Secret Mountains; midnight: Birds of Avalon

Tantra: 10 p.m., Nive Nielsen & the Deer Children; 11 p.m., Little Tybee; midnight; We Are Trees