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Strung Like A Horse, Wood and Steel @Barrelhouse South

Weaving gypsy, punk, and bluegrass together for a wildly raucous show, Chattanooga’s Strung Like A Horse pulls inspiration from folk-punk greats like the Violent Femmes while proudly showing their mountain roots.

Comprised of Clay Maselle Slippery on lead vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and kazoo, B.J. Hightower on bass and harmonies, Ben Crawford on “free-range organic banjo,” “Crispy” on drums, bells and “random hunks of junk he picked up along the way,” and “Spooky Fiddler” on fiddle, they’re a ramshackle, ragtag group of merry misfits creating a fascinating breed of fusion music. Expect swingin’ rhythms laced with quick pickin’, eerie ambience through fiddle sawing, Tom Waits-style barroom roars, and a delightful cacophony that’s sure to keep the audience on its toes.

Friday, February 19, 10 p.m., free, 21+