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Summer Sunday Series: Garden Giant + Carpet Coats @The Foundery Coffee Pub
Garden Giant

Sunday, June 21, 8:30 p.m., free

ALL-ages rock show! All-ages rock show!!!

Big props to the Foundery Coffee Pub: as the name suggests, the Victorian District mudslingers will close for normal business and throw open the doors of an all-ages music venue throughout the summer.

Just because it’s a coffee house doesn’t mean this will be an unplugged affair—after all, pub owner Kevin “Rev Kev” Veitinger hits the skins in punk band Jeff Two-Names and the Born Agains, and several Foundery baristas perform in Savannah bands. The space is perfect for shows: sprawling cement floors hearken the days of sweaty basement shows, without the whole basement part. The crew plans to get the furniture out of the way and open up the floor for a diverse audience.

The series kicks off with two promising and relatively new-to-the-scene local bands.

Garden Giant, comprising guitarist/vocalist Devin Smith (ex-General Oglethorpe & the Panhandlers), drummer Luis Salazar (Curb Dogs), and bassist/vocalist Brad Shields, debuted at the Crazy Bag Lady album release party with a huge sound—think Foo Fighters-style grandeur with a touch of Modest Mouse texture. They’re a versatile bunch, with Smith and Shields occasionally doing lightning-fast instrument trade-offs and Shields handling lead vocals on a few numbers.

Smith, a videographer by day, recently launched a musical web series called “House Show For One” on his website, Volition Studios. His most recent upload—and first with a full band—featured show mates Carpet Coats performing their song “Womback,” a breezy, charmingly catchy number about the anxiousness of growing up and having to navigate the real world. Dreamy harmonies, piano grooves, and ambling bass make “Womback” a delightful tune worthy of a top seed in your summer playlist.

Best of all? It’s free. It’ll be a treat to see the roster of local talent The Foundery turns the spotlight on this season.