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Summer Sunday: Set to Sail, Kennedy Curse @The Foundery Coffee Pub

Sunday, August 2, 8:30 p.m.

PUB goin’ up on a Sunday! The Foundery’s summer series has been a diverse collection of local and touring bands, and this week’s show is no different: Sunday’s all about pop-punk and emocore.

Set To Sail heads down from Fredricksburg, Virginia. All you Drive-Thru Records babies out there, grab a piping brew from the counter and settle in for a nostalgia trip. Anthemic choruses, big power-chord guitars, sensitive (and a little scorned, little bitter) lyrics, everything cutting out for a quiet bridge, only to cannonball back in—it’s taking this recovering Hot Topic rat right back. Is that some palm muting? Do I detect a screamo-style yowl gently buried in that multitracked-vocal chorus? Get these kids on an Atticus ...Dragging the Lake comp, stat!

Kennedy Curse toughs things up with Coheed and Cambria, Silverstine, and Alexisonfire influences.

Remember: it’s all-ages!