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The Funs, The Lipschitz, Chilton @Hang Fire

THE FUNS are a Chicago-based art-punk duo comprised of Jessee Rose Crane and Philip Jerome Lesicko. Splashy, dark around the edges, and wildly unpredictable, their sound is as mesmerizing as it is demanding of your attention, grounded in its kick drum and low end and skittish as a street cat all at once. Hailing from small town Illinois, The Funs have shirked the city life to focus on writing and craft; they’re even remodeling an old funeral home there, and recorded their new LP in its hallowed halls.

They’re currently touring in support of the release of My Survival. Brimming in “hope, commiseration and passion,” it’s a heavy record, weighty with reverb and the heft of the drums.

One of Savannah’s newest bands, The Lipschitz, is a collaboration between Daniel Lynch (Crazy Bag Lady, Sunglow, The Toxic Shock) and Rachael Boswell (Trophy Wives). Think fuzzed-out, jerk-ya-around drum-‘n’-guitar garage rock.

Triathalon’s Chad Chilton will perform solo as Chilton.

Saturday, October 17, 10 p.m., $5