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The Get Right Band @Congress Street Social Club

Saturday, 10 p.m.

Ass-shakers and partiers unite—The Get Right Band is heading down from Asheville, N.C. to fulfill their promise of a good-time dance-fueled ruckus for all.

They’re touring in support of their second LP, Bass Treble Angel Devil. The September release honors their hometown’s famously diverse music culture with traces of funk, rowdy blues, and reggae.

As a mere three-piece, the mountain boys, ahem, “get it right” in their mastery of funk rhythms that fill out their groove and keep the crowd captivated.

Silas Durocher has an impressive range and rich clarity to his vocals—think a more soulful Dan Auerbach—that smoothes out some of the party-boy tongue-in-cheek sleaze he spouts.

Auerbach’s Black Keys have certainly been a direct influence on Durocher’s guitar work and Jesse Gentry’s bass lines with that unmistakable tinny garage tone and crunch. Mix it all up with some energetic swing, and classic rock lovers, the jam band set, and fans of Social Club mainstays Voodoo Soup and Kota Mundi will feel right at home in front of The Get Right Band’s stage.