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The Slackers, Duppies @The Jinx

Wednesday, May 20, 10 p.m., $10

One of the most prominent bands to emerge from New York’s 1990s ska scene, organist/vocalist Vic Ruggiero prefers to call The Slackers’ sound “Jamaican rock ‘n’ roll,” evidenced by the reggae groove at the heart of all their songs. Whether you’re a fan of blues, soul, rocksteady, dub, reggae, or ska, there’s something for everyone to love in The Slackers; the six-piece band has soaked up music history and crafted a danceable, good-timin’ cocktail of sound from their array of influences.

Over their 14-year career, The Slackers have kept the ska strains alive with a rich horn section and Ruggiero’s Brooklyn lilt. From “Rude & Wreckless” abandon to protest songs (2004’s Bush-lampooning International War Criminal), the band’s always championed strong lyricism to back their dance-ready rhythms.

Gainesville, Florida’s Duppies are a fine pairing with their blend of reggae, rocksteady and ska.