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Theremin Summit @Ships of the Sea

Friday, 7 p.m., $5

Most of us know the theremin as that retro-kitschy-creepy sci-fi sound effect, made by manipulating the electromagnetic field of its signature antenna. Others know it as an instrument in its own right.

Some of the latter folks—specifically Philip Neidlinger, Ricardo Ochoa of Velvet Caravan, Melissa Hagerty of Omignome, and renowned genius guitarist Richard Leo Johnson—will be performing in the second “Theremin Summit,” held outside in the Ships of the Sea Museum’s Garden performing space.

“The Theremin Summit is a concert we’ve been planning for a while now, based on the great audience response Philip Neidlinger received when he played the theremin he made during our ‘Museum in the Moonlight’ about five years ago,” explains Tony Pizzo, Ships of the Sea head honcho dude.

“The Museum likes to present instruments that are not usually heard in a live setting here in Savannah, and this concert is definitely one of those.”

Four reasons to dig this show: 1) All four musicians live in Savannah. 2) Each has an individual approach to the instrument: Neidlinger’s classical, Ochoa’s jazz, Hagerty’s psych rock, and Johnson’s experimental. 3) They represent three musical generations. 4) They cover the development of the instrument.

Not only that, Pizzo says, but, “They’ll be playing in duet and ensemble settings.”

Which of course means... wait for it....

“Multiple Theremins!” he says.