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Two sisters, two harps, and a funeral home
Harp Twins bring Halloween tour to Bonaventure Funeral Home

The Harp Twins @Bonaventure Funeral Home

Thurs., Oct. 31, 7:30 P.M., $15 age 15 and under, $20 age 16+

2520 Bonaventure Road

The Harp Twins, Camille and Kennerly Kitt, have garnered a reputation for their unique approach to harp music—which they’ve had the fortune of playing all over the world. The identical twins regularly tour and record music, and have had their music featured in major TV and film projects. They’re also both talented actors, but their passion and focus has clearly always been centered around their musical explorations.

The twins are currently on their first-ever Halloween tour, and they’ll be landing in Savannah on, fittingly enough, Halloween night. They’ll be playing at The Chapel at Bonaventure Funeral Home for what’s undoubtedly going to be quite a spooky night in the most haunted city in America.

Ahead of the show, we caught up with the Harp Twins to find out what’s in store for this very special show.

I’m also an identical who plays in a band with my brother. What made you both gravitate towards music? Do you remember the moment you realized you had a creative chemistry together?

Kennerly: Wow! That is so cool! For us, music has always had a special place in our lives and hearts. Our mom knew that music is a powerful tool for brain development, so she put our brother and us in piano lessons as kids. We didn’t have money for a piano, so we played on a keyboard.

Camille: We were first introduced to harp by a friend’s mom when we were in middle school. We fell in love with the instrument, but our mom didn’t have enough money to buy us a harp and she thought we just wanted to be princesses. So we did a lot of odd jobs and earned enough money for a used harp that we shared. Our mom realized that we were serious and later borrowed money so that we could get a 2nd harp.

Kennerly: From the beginning we wanted to play duets and spent all the time that we could get playing harp together! We’ve often seen that siblings have a connection that gives them a natural ability to play music and be creative together. As twins, we feel that this creative bond is heightened. We’ve always loved doing things together, so playing music together was a natural and organic process.

What makes the harp a special instrument, from your individual perspectives?

Kennerly: Harp has always been a magical instrument to us! There is just something about the harp that speaks to our hearts.

Camille: We feel like our harps are the voices of our souls.

Your music is quite contemporary and incorporates a lot of rock influences, despite being classically trained. What made you realize that the harp would work well in such a different context?

Camille: When we were in high school we started looking around to see if there were harp arrangements of the music that we like listening to – like rock and metal. We couldn’t find the types of music that we love arranged for one harp, let alone two harps! So, we started teaching ourselves to arrange by ear.

Kennerly: We were told by a lot of people, including music professors at our university, that no one would want to listen to harps playing rock music. We didn’t know if there was an audience for our music, because there was no one out there doing what we wanted to do. But we just stayed true to ourselves, and gradually people started to listen. We would have never imagined that we would one day have millions of followers around the world and that our videos would have over 100 million views.

We don’t think anyone would have thought that possible for an instrument as unpopular as the harp!

Camille: It’s incredible to us how many people say that they first clicked on a video or were dragged to a live show expecting to dislike our music, but they ended up loving it. We have found that stepping outside the box to do what one loves is always the right choice. Not everyone will love anyone or any one style of art, but our differences and people who dare to be different are what make the world an interesting place!

In that same vein, what is the creative process like for y’all?

Kennerly: Every day and every arrangement and composition is different! We love that we can work together seamlessly on creative projects. We’re the perfect team because we think so similarly, we have the same creative likes, and we love working with and being together. We’re independent artists, so we do pretty much everything ourselves. We arrange and write our own music, we record our tracks at home in our living room, our mom films our videos with our phone, and we edit our music videos ourselves. We love being a tiny team because it allows us to have full creative control of our music and careers.

What can people expect from the Halloween show?

Camille: Attendees can expect a lot of spooky harp and vocal fun! We’re literally including both our newest and oldest arrangements in our concert! We’ve always loved spooky music; our first YouTube upload was “Disturbia” and our most recent YouTube upload is “The Hearse Song (The Worms Crawl In).” We also have a big comedic element to our shows, so expect to laugh with us! This is our first Halloween tour, so we’re having a blast.