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Victory North looks ahead to the future with ‘Nights’ event
Executive Technical Director Stuart Breed talks August 6 event

Nights at Victory North @Victory North

Thurs., Aug 6, 7 P.M. doors, $8

WITH A brand new, state-of-the-art Meyer sound system in tow, Victory North is reopening its doors on August 6, for a unique event aimed at bringing the community together through music.

“We want people to come along on August 6th and enjoy the ambiance, sounds and hospitality that is Victory North. Dr Mohamed Eldibany, the owner, has put together a playlist of some of his personal favorites to get the evening started but it’s our intention to make everyone feel involved, so we will be taking request which will be played via HD playback throughout the evening,” Stuart Breed, a veteran sound engineer who is currently the venue’s Executive Technical Director, tells Connect of the ‘Nights at Victory North’ event.

The venue, like every other in the city, was forced to cancel shows and effectively shut down at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with things opening cautiously and gradually, they’ve prepared to welcome audiences safely and smartly.

“We have extensive details regarding our approach to COVID-19 on our website,” Breed says. “Not only will patrons be able to see a list of our house rules there, but also details of our GPS air purification system and our cleaning services.”

Victory North is Savannah’s newest venue, which opened with great promise last year as a mid-sized venue that has hosted popular touring bands as well as a great and creative lineup of local shows and unique performances. Though the future of the touring and performance world is uncertain throughout the country at the moment, venues like Victory North play an important role in the future of live music and its ability to survive and thrive.

Breed is no stranger to the ups and downs of the music industry, having been a professional for several decades—starting in his native London, England and taking him across the world. He spent a long time in Woodstock, New York, before coming to Savannah, and was for many years the front-of-house engineer and tour manager for the legendary Art Garfunkel.

“Being from the UK and having worked for so long in this industry I’ve seen more than my fair share of rough times including recessions, crippling strikes and oil crisis, invariably entertainment is the first sector that gets to feel the effects of an economic down turn but somehow it seems to survive. Yes, there are unfortunate casualties along the way but at the end of the day, people need to be entertained, they need places to escape, places where they feel welcomed,” he says.

“People work very hard for their income and I think the key to success now more than ever is realizing that those people have a choice where they take their patronage.”

Breed recalls a time in his youth that taught him about the value in being welcoming and inviting to the community as a business—which is what Victory North is aiming for with the upcoming event.

“As a kid my mum would send me shopping for groceries daily during school breaks and I was given specific instructions about which shops I had to buy items from, any deviation from those instructions and my mum would NOT be happy! I never understood until later in life why I couldn’t buy meat from the butchers opposite our front door but had to walk nearly a mile instead to another butcher. The reason in a nutshell was my mum liked that butchers, whether it be because their meat was better quality, had affordable prices or my mum felt welcomed when she went there. The end result was that they got our business,” he says.

“I’m relating this story because I see a return to old values as being key to coming out of all this alive and kicking, we no longer live in a society where one size fits all and comes with a 2 year contract, now is the time to offer people the best service possible and earn their business. This is what we fully intend to do at Victory North and we all look forward to proving it to you on August 6th.”