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Warehouse, Breathers, Crazy Bag Lady, Culture Vulture @Hang Fire

Saturday, February 21, 10 p.m.

ATLANTA'S Warehouse played Hang Fire in late May right before self-releasing their debut album, Tesseract. We caught ‘em on the brink: in November, former Captured Tracks manager Katie Garcia and Dustin Payseur of Beach Fossils launched a new label, Bayonet Records, and announced that Tesseract will be one of the label’s first releases, due in March 2015.

This is undoubtedly Warehouse’s year, so catch them while you still can. With Pitchfork praise from Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox, Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves detailing their potential to be the “next Sleater-Kinney” in The Guardian, and plenty of Stereogum love, Warehouse has indie tastemakers asking, “Just what is happening down there in Georgia?”

An artful approach to post-punk, Warehouse’s guitars come in jagged, arpeggiated ripples. Neat, taut snare hits punctuate songs that somehow demonstrate both a careful exactness and deploring wanderlust. Vocalist Elaine Edenfield has a cool command of the stage and a wonderfully diverse vocal range, alternating between smoky-vulnerable, Gothic murmurs, Patti Smith-style wavery bellows, and scorched and splintering yowls that unfurl like a handful of cheap firecrackers.

Get there in time to catch Atlanta/Athens band Breathers—they’ve taken a modern edge to ‘80s synth pop that‘s sure to be going to be garnering them attention outside of our home state soon.