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Weedeater, Kings Destroy @The Jinx

Wednesday, August 5, 10 p.m., $15

SAVANNAH'S got a lotta love for our Wilmington, North Carolina brethren Weedeater. What first began as a side project for guitarist/vocalist Dixie Dave Collins during his time with sludge pioneers Buzzov*en has grown into a Southeast staple.

Slow-churning guitars that break apart like a nasty cough, Collins’ dryly sinister rasp, and Travis Owen’s astounding and theatrical drum chops make theirs a can’t-miss performance.

Their first LP in two years, February’s Goliathan, (following the best-named LP ever, ...And Justice for Y’all), carries on the tradition of proudly Southern, dragged-body doom. Kicking off with “Processional,” a quiet, organ-driven opener that calls like distant funeral music, Collins sets the tone, softly growling a simple melody: “I really hate your face/I hate the things you do/I know you don’t like me/I’m coming after you.” Cuts like “Battered & Fried” stand out amid familiar churning gristle—a front-porch banjo lead brings it all back home. Produced by Billy Anderson, who’s spent time behind the board for EYEHATEGOD and Neurosis, this long-awaited effort locks in Weedeater as the South’s metal gem.

They’re currently on tour with Brooklyn’s Kings Destroy. A hybrid of doom, stoner rock, and hardcore, it’s a perfect pairing for Wednesday night.