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Whaleboat, Doom Salad, Conversations @The Rail
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Monday, 1/12, 10 p.m., free.

HOW MANY among us have found ourselves teetering on that tiny stage upstairs at The Rail, wailing on some Bon Jovi or Kelly Clarkson at Wrath Nasty’s legendary karaoke nights? Many, I’m sure. And while the Congress Street institution invested in a beautiful outdoor stage this year, they’ll be throwing an old-fashioned three-band rock ‘n’ roll show upstairs on that very itty-bitty stage that you’ve air-guitarred on so hard you’ve fallen on the hardwood floor (yes, we all saw it).

Whaleboat’s lineup has fluctuated throughout the past months; they’re back down to a three-piece as of October’s No Control Fest. Vocalist Brent Collins, last member of the original lineup, is handling bass duties, one-time second guitarist Blake Yokeley has taken over all things six-string, and they’ve gained a new drummer, Sean Moloney. Plus, their sound’s growing; look for a new single and accompanying video in late winter.

Funk experimentalists Doom Salad and newcomers Conversations join the bill.

The gig may seem unusual, but seeing as Moloney’s a Rail bartender and Conversations’ Erich DeFeo’s works the door there, it looks like everybody will be right at home.