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Wrenn @The Sentient Bean

Saturday, June 13, 8 p.m., $5

THE EYES of Athens are on Wrenn, and who can blame them? A charismatic and simultaneously untouchable performer confecting some of the most original pop music that’s come out of Georgia’s music capital in years, she’s poised to be the Southeast’s next big thing. For now, she’s been anointed Athens’ pop queen; she’ll be holding court on Saturday at The Sentient Bean.

Wrenn has that kind of chill-inducing voice often likened to Adele—intimately robust, dispelling like dandelion seeds in the wind at the end of a phrasing (she’s got a range and knack for texture, push and pull comparable to Regina Spektor’s stylings).

With a full band, her songs coast rock on a platform of horns, jazzy drums, and electric guitar licks. Hammering brazenly at a keyboard draped in a curtain of flowers, her songs land somewhere between charming whimsy of Yellow Submarine, the quirk of Athens’ healthy indie-pop history, and the hooks that make giant hits. Lots of techicolor fun for all.