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A Very Bacon Christmas @Barrelhouse South

TURN UP for the holidays with Asheville, North Carolina’s Dr. Bacon and Jacksonville, Florida’s own Anton Laplume Band.

Dr. Bacon plays what they’ve dubbed “Appalachian Funk Rock,” blending soul, jazz, rock, blues, hip-hop and folk into a funky stew using electric guitars, resonator guitars, harmonica, bass guitar, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, drums, trombone, kazoo, and more.

The band’s 2015 EP “The Kreature” shows off the band’s mountain roots with boot-stompin’ rhythms, quick pickin’, and harmonies. Gypsy-swamp tones meet Man Man-style absurdity on tunes like “Don’t Feed The Kreature,” while a certain harmonious tenderness bubbles to the surface on “Orgrassmo.”

The Anton Laplume Band dishes out funk with deep grooves and jazzy flourishes for the jam band set. The show marks their Savannah debut, so head on down to Congress and give the Florida fellows a warm welcome.

Friday, December 23, 9:45 p.m., free, 21+