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Abiotic, Pridemeat, Fishtooth @The Jinx

DEATH METAL fans aged 21 and up can enjoy a special bill of touring and local talent on Thursday from Coastal Rock Productions.

Headliners Abiotic, hailing from Miami, combine death metal and progressive technical skills for a frenzied, riff-heavy show. For six years, the band’s garnered a strong following thanks to John Matos and Matt Mendez’s fierce dueling guitars, finger-style bass courtesy of Alex Vasquez, tenacious rhythms from drummer Brent Phillips, and singer Travis Bartosek’s bristling vocals. Their latest, Casuistry, released in 2015 on Metal Blade Records, continues a tradition of technical prowess and challenging lyricism.

Two Savannah death metal bands, Pridemeat and Fishtooth, open the show.

Thursday, September 1, 9 p.m., $8