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Agent Orange, The Wave Slaves @The Jinx

Shake off that winter chill with California legends Agent Orange!

Pioneers of punk-surf rock fusion, Agent Orange was born out of the late-‘70s SoCal hardcore scene. Scrappy, toughed-out, and fresh in its catchy fury, “Bloodstains,” their breakout tune, first released on a debut 7”, has become an essential track in the American rock canon.

With wipeout slides, Dick Dale-style leads, and barrel-roll drums, original vocalist/guitarist Mike Palm, bassist Perry Gx [Giordano] (joined in 2003) and drummer Dave Klein (joined in 2003) deliver the classics with all the punch of the ‘80s.

Denver two-piece In The Whale is an excellent young opener, making catchy-as-hell, tear-the-house-down rock ‘n’ roll. Local surf band The Wave Slaves kicks it off.

Tuesday, February 16, 10 p.m., $15 (, 21+