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Alexa Dexa, Happy Thoughts @The Sentient Bean

IT seems like there was a brief period where all manner of toy instruments found their way onto indie and folk stages: kazoos! Toy accordions! Playskool devices! While that novelty seems to have worn off over time, Alexa Dexa takes the trend to the next level by using a massive collection of toy instruments for her rig (her favorite? A Schoenhut toy piano).

The way tinny keys plunk over ambient electronic layers feels like being wrapped up in a jazz club music box: Dexa’s a marvelous vocalist, boasting a velvety, jazz-styled croon that meanders, wavers, and pushes itself to warm lilts. Don’t come expecting precious twee-pop: there’s a brooding underbelly set to sensual beats and reflective lyrics.

Happy Thoughts, the excellent collaboration between Dope Sandwich’s Miggs Son Daddy and Dope KNife, joins.

Tuesday, January 12, 8 p.m., donations at door, all-ages