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Baby Baby @Hang Fire
Baby Baby

At 9 p.m. Friday, July 25.

This is Hang Fire’s “Christmas in July” event. You are encouraged to wear a Christmas sweater because, well, why not?

The New Orleans synth-pop band The Winter Sounds was supposed to headline this show, but they canceled on June 23, after our print edition was already on the streets

Instead we now have the fantastically fun and funky Atlanta group Baby Baby - always a Sav fave for the way they tend to play entirely sweaty shows wearing only swim trunks (how better to celebrate Christmas in July?)

Rounding out this bill is Savannah’s incredibly talented duo Fare the Gap (sweethearts Ryan Gillam and Rebekah Price, plus a drummer if they have one this week). They harmonize on Gillam’s multi-level songs (he is a guitarist, a piano player, and a singer who can leap octaves in a single bound).

“My primary source of listening music, for enjoyment, is music from the ‘60s,” the Texas-born Gillam says. “My Dad and I would go to school every morning and it was Beatles, Beatles, Beatles. That type of songwriting is ingrained in me. So whatever I do, that influence is going to be there.”

The guys are finishing up a Fare the Gap full-length at Dollhouse Studios, and plan to relocate out west in the fall.

Also on the bil: Crazy Bag Lady drummer Daniel Lynch, in his solo guise as the electronica monster known only as Sunglow. I’m most excited about the appearance here of Grand Vapids, a new pop/rock band that features Chris Goggins, bassist for Savannah’s incomparable experimental Blackrune. I know next to nothing about this band, except that they’re apparently based in Athens, but their slow-burn, Pink Floydian stuff gives way to explosive dance-pop in a single bound ... catch up with them at