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Baked Alaska @Barrelhouse South

At 9 p.m. Thursday, July 24

Normally, Tybee Island Social Club has Baked Alaska on the menu every Thursday. But not this week.

It’s a five piece band, consisting of all Tybee guys including singer/guitarist Matt Price, who works front of house at Social. Most Thursday nights, the restaurant’s owners turn the stage over to Price and his bandmates for a little friendly Socializing.

On July 24, however, the boys are goin’ downtown.

The other members of this talented, up-and-coming band are Holland Zellers (drums), Malcolm McDowell (rhythm guitar) and Taylor Alstad (bass). They all sing.

Baked Alaska started out a year or so ago as a jazz/funk group, but these days, Forrest, you never know what you’re gonna get. “We do a mixture of jazz, reggae, funk and blues, with the occasional bluegrass mixed in,” Price laughs. “We kind of jump from genre to genre sometimes.”

The bluegrass element is new to the band —it arrived with singer and guitarist Moss Xiques. “He plays acoustic, primarily, but he’s just a great songwriter and musician in general,” says Price. “He lives downstairs from our rhythm guitarist, so it kinda just made sense to add him to the loop. He’s got a great voice, and some great ideas, and that gave us a lot more material to work with.”