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Broken Glow, Anchor Detail, Mercury Dimes, Hey Zeus Chrysler, Sawhorse @The Wormhole

Charlotte, NC’s finest invade Savannah with local support from alt-blues rockers Broken Glow.

Anchor Detail make a swelling kind of emo-tinged indie rock, flush with watery guitar riffs and vocalist Tatu’s deep, warm melodies. Tender moments capsize into huge, electrifying bridges, creating an appropriately tidal sound.

A Mercury dime is a ten-center graced with the visage of Liberty in a winged Phrygian cap. There’s an elegance and unflinching strength there that makes it a perfect moniker for folk-punk band Mercury Dimes’ steady structures and sharply vulnerable, honest and beautifully rendered lyrics (from “Wool”: “things are broken, the bills unpaid, and my couch is ripped wide open with all the feathers littered on the floor, where I’ll lay among my sweaters and wish that I was made of wool because then I’d always be warm and pretty damn useful”).

Hey Zeus Chrysler exceed their punny name with noisy, shreddy blues.

Indie-folk group Sawhorse round out the Charlotte representation.

Saturday, June 11, 8 p.m., $2-5 via, 21+