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Castlebay @Ships of the Sea Museum

CELEBRATE 50 years of nautical knowledge with Ships of the Sea! To commemorate, the maritime museum is sponsoring a free afternoon concert for families. With a unique blend of New England heritage and Celtic song, the warm, down-to-earth Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee share ballads and dance numbers driven by traditional instrumentation like Celtic harp, guitar, fiddle, and tin whistle.

Lane (vocals, harp) is schooled in music theory, learning guitar from a lutenist who specialized in Elizabethan songs and flamenco as a child. She followed her heart to Oxford, England to study after high school and learn more about English and Scottish folklore and song. She’s self-taught on the Celtic folk harp and has earned awards in multiple international competitions for her talents.

Gosbee, a Maine native, grew up fascinated by folklore. He was also heavily involved in theatre, and writes original tunes in the traditional folk style that are woven with humor and relatability. Catch him on the 12-string guitar, viola, fiddle, Irish flute, and tin whistle.

Lane and Gosbee offer plenty of storytelling between songs and enjoy presenting theme concerts during which they’ll discuss nautical life, Celtic lore, or Colonial America.

Sunday, April 17, 2 p.m., free, all-ages