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Charlie and the Foxtrots @The Sentient Bean

Tuesday, Nov. 4

IF YOUR EARS are ringing from the weekend's rock-centric calendar, swing by The Sentient Bean and soothe them with Charlie and the Foxtrots. The Nashville six-piece plays lush folk songs that pair layers of delicate guitar picking, banjo riffs, accordion, jug (!!!), mandolin, harmonica, bass, and violin. (Heck, it may worth the trip alone to see how all that goodness fits on the Bean's itty-bitty stage.) Vocalist Chas Wilson's rich vocals evoke the Tallest Man on Earth's warble and the warmth of The Avett Brothers.

Goosebump-inducing harmonies carry the choruses of tracks like “Golden.” The band has a wonderful grasp on how to push and pull a verse, build a tense bridge and promptly hush it. But it’s not all about the soul-bearing quiet moments, which Wilson and company have mastered—songs like “Stomp, Clap” invite listeners to do just that, bubbling over with jangly drums, peppy, surf-crunch guitars, and infectious hooks.

Fans of Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens, and melodies circling in Smoky Mountain mist shouldn’t miss this one. Pairs well with a chocolate croissant and giant, filled-to-the-brim cup of Bean coffee.