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City Hotel @The Sentient Bean

SIX YEARS is a long time in band years, particularly in town like Savannah where residents come and go. For a band to exist for six years and retain all its original members? Well, that’s a cause for a celebration.

Rally 'round award-winning bluegrass troupe City Hotel as they salute their storied time together at a special family-friendly bandiversary show.

After all this time, Cory Chambers, Aaron Zimmer, Jay Rudd, and Anthony Teixeira are still dishing out quality, vintage-toned tunes for the roots-loving masses, growing as players, and strengthening as a dynamic four-piece.

To celebrate, they’ll play their first two albums in their entirety and make some special announcements about their highly-anticipated third release. Fans can secure a pre-order of the album on the night of the concert.

Thursday, July 20, 8 p.m., free, all-ages