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Crazy Bag Lady @Hang Fire

At 10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 30 with Triathalon, Hotplate and A.M. Rodriguez.


Remember in middle school, the kids in band would peddle those World’s Finest Chocolate Bars, to raise money for some trip they wanted to take? Here’s your chance to send Crazy Bag Lady, Savannah’s most outrageously fun (and most loudest) punk band into the recording studio—the Big 2014 Chocolate Bar payoff.

Kylesa’s Philip Cope is taking the band into Columbia, S.C.’s Jam Room Studios later this month to lay down the tracks for a full-length album on his Retro Futurist label. “We just have to come up with the money for the recording costs, and then Retro’s going to be shelling out the extra cash for putting it out physically,” explains CBL’s crazed vocalist Josh Sterno. “It’s like a 50/50 thing.”

So this Hang Fire show is a fundraiser—with a pizza-party theme. The deal is, all four band members (Sterno, bassist Zak Barnum, drummer Daniel Lynch and guitarist Derek Lynch) are pie-men at Mellow Mushroom. “I think we’re going to try to get them to shell out a few pizzas for us,” laughs Sterno, who’s been filling in behind the counter at Graveface Records while DJ Employee Ray takes a holiday.

This lineup of CBL has been together for less than a year—and the guys are playing all the time. Still, future Retro Futurist success or no, they aren’t planning on giving up their day jobs any time soon. “Personally, I hope to one day, but I’m not banking on it, you know?” Stern says. “This (music) is just something that I enjoy doing. I can’t speak for the other guys. Daniel, he’s always making little comments ... but it’s all cool.”