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Creepoid w/Blackrune @ Hang Fire

Show starts at 9:30 p.m. Thursday, July 10.

Pat and Anna Troxell, Creepoid's husband-and-wife rhythm section, arrived in Savannah just a week ago, with the other guys in the band, to (a) be closer to Graveface Records, with which the psych/noise band is aligned, (b) get out of Philadelphia, where Creepoid had been small fish in a big pond for too many years, and (c) to get inspired by an exciting new music scene.

Uprooting, Pat Troxell says, was a four-way decision: No more day jobs. “We’d just been maintaining our lives, doing our work, having our band and doing as much as we could with our time,” he says. “But really only touring around on the weekends. A couple weeks here and there, and not really pushing it full tilt.

“It was a decision to make our music better by putting more time into it. So we had to go somewhere new, together, and start fresh as one. We decided that it would be better for us to go somewhere new, so that we could kind of unify as a pack, like a unit, and tighten up and not have the distractions we’d have if we were back in our home city, where we grew up.”

And so four Pennsylvanians become Georgians, just like that. “It’s like jumping off of a cliff, where everyone’s got to kind of trust each other and get used to each other, pretty much,” Troxell laughs.

Spin called Creepoid’s recent, self-titled LP (on Gainesville, Florida-based No Idea Records) “a comprehensive romp through the hazy, substance-addled rock movement of the ‘90s.” Think Smashing Pumpkins swallowing mushrooms with Sonic Youth in Nirvana’s garage. They’ve also just issued a brilliantly gauzy EP, Wet, on Graveface, and your Uncle Billy’s favorite track is the aptly-titled “Blurry Slumber.”

The Troxells (drums and bass, respectively, with vox), Sean Miller (guitar/vox) and Nick Kulp (lead guitar/vox) head out on tour in a week, crossing this great country of ours, and won’t be back home in Savannah until the start of September. Then they’ll play the Halloween Gravefest Fest, followed by the famous Gainesville fest called, no kidding, The Fest. After which Kulp leaves for a month of European touring with his other band (which remains in Philadelphia).

Savannah, raves Troxell, “is chill. It’s definitely what we wanted. When we’re not on the road, we wanted to be able to relax and chill and do our thing. We’re really into the architecture here, and the people are super-nice.

“And it’s not bad that it’s only a 20-minute drive to the beach.”

Cusses pulled out of this show abruptly on Tuesday, citing an ongoing health issue. Of course, we wish the guys well and hope to see them back onstage soon.